Braid on Braid Splice

Braid on Braid intro
Braid on Braid Eye Splice

This method is one of the easiest ways to splice Polyester Braid on Braid.

The advantage of this splice is that it only reduces the breaking load by approximately 10%, whereas a bowline can reduces the breaking load by up to 40%!

Please Note: This Splice should not be used on materials such as Dyneema.

Tools Required
Tools Required

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Polyester Braid on Braid
Selma Rope Splicing Fids
3 coloured felt tip pens
Sharp Knife
Electrical Tape
Sailmakers Palms & Needles
General Splicing Tools & Accessories

Step 1

Tie a loop in the rope approx. two metres away from the end.

Choose a Selma fid with a diameter approx. a half or two thirds the diameter of the rope.

Mark the rope one fid length from the end with first coloured pen.

Step 2

Make a loop to the size of eye you require, and mark again with the same coloured pen.

Cut the heat sealed end off with the shape knife, and wrap a piece of electrical tape around the end (not shown in this picture).

At second mark, pick the cover aside using the smallest Selma fid, and extract the core at this point.

Step 3

Wrap electrical tape around the end of the core to stop it un-ravelling.

Milk the cover from the knot to the end, so that both core and cover are the same length.

Then where the core exits the cover, mark this point with the second coloured pen.

Step 4

Pull out some more core, and with the third and final colour pen, mark the core one fid's length from the mark you've just made with the second colour pen.

Step 5

Pull out even more core, and again with the third coloured pen mark the core 2/3 of a fid's length from the mark you've just made with the same pen.

Step 6

Pull out even more core about another foot if you can, and insert the first of your sailmaker's needles through the core to stop it creeping back into the cover.

NOTE: If you are going to fit a snap shackle in the eye then this is the time to run it down the core and leave it by the sailmaker's needle.

Step 7

Place the end of the cover into the selected Selma fid and insert the needle into the core at the second mark you made on the core.

Feed the needle inside the core and extract it at the third mark you made on the core (both with the last pen).

Step 8

Remove Selma fid. Gently work the cover slowly back into the core and secure with the second sailmaker's needle so as not to pull the cover back out again by accident.

Step 9

Place the core into the Selma fid and insert the fid into the cover very close to where the cover entered the core.

Note: Place the core into the Selma fid and insert the fid into the cover very close to where the cover entered the core.

Note: Make sure there is no slack in the core between the 2nd sailmaker's needle and the point where you are just about to insert the Selma fid.

Step 10

Feed the Selma fid down inside the cover and out about an inch past the point where the first sailmaker's needle is positioned. In this 1 inch length be careful not to accidently catch the core with the Selma fid.

To check this just pull the core slightly. If it moves it's not caught. If it doesn't move ease the Selma fid back a little and try again.

Pull the Selma fid right out of the cover at this point bringing the core with it.

Step 11

Remove the Selma fid and gently pull the remaining core through the cover until everything is tight at the 'crossover'.

Then remove both sailmaker's needles.

Step 12

Place the loop that you tied at the beginning over or around some strong point.

Place your finger or fingers in the eye and pull towards you, and at the same time milk the slack in the cover towards the eye.

The splice will disappear into the cover.

If you are going to insert a thimble into the eye then do it just before you finally bed the eye in.

Step 13

Cut off the exposed core and stretch the eye until the core goes under the cover.

The finished splice!

It should look some thing like this.

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