Anchor Guide

Anchor Guide

Before you purchase an anchor, look at what others are using in your area and ask other boaters.

The following is a Guide for the minimum size of a conventional 'Digging' type anchor (Plough, Fishermans, Bruce, Delta, CQR, Fortress, Guardian, ETC) for your vessel.

Boat Length6m7m8m9m10m12m14m16m
Main Anchor11Kg12Kg13Kg15Kg17Kg23Kg30Kg38Kg
Kedge Anchor5Kg6Kg7Kg8Kg9Kg12Kg15Kg19Kg

1KG is approximately equal to 2.2 pounds.

It is recommended that you carry 2 different types of anchor. A Main anchor, as well as a Secondary (used to be refered to as 'kedge') anchor. Also, it is adviceable to carry a folding grapnel anchor in any tender or dinghy.